Ohrlaf: Revolutionizes playful learning with sounds

At a glance

Ohrlaf Highlights

No screen, no frills and full focus on audio, check out what our little audio learning hero can do!

Screen-free learning from nursery to school

A whole hour instead of 10 minutes

"Wow, I am thrilled. We had expected the children to play with Ohrlaf for a maximum of 10 minutes. But now it's been over an hour!"

— Irene, day care center manager

Direct feedback

"I was skeptical at first, but Ohrlaf is a real joy. My kids are learning and having fun - without a screen! Especially the direct feedback has helped my daughter."

— Luke, father of two children

Fun and knowledge transfer

"In find Ohrlaf revolutionary! It combines fun play and instant feedback, helping kids improve quickly and gain confidence."

— Anja, speech therapist

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Now for €99 instead of €120 with a pre-order

Erweitere Ohrlaf

Die Addons für deinen Ohrlaf

Edutainment with listening

More free time for parents, more learning fun for children

Ohrlaf Begleitet Dein Kind

Für jedes Alter was dabei

Works like a breeze

  1. Choose game
  2. Take a card and place it on your ear
  3. Listen to the song, word or sound
  4. Find the right card depending on the type of game
Ohrlafs Erweiterungen können mit in das Starter Set integriert werden

Ohrlaf grows with the extensions

Today a math genius, tomorrow a language artist, the day after tomorrow a sound detective!

With our expansion packs, Ohrlaf grows in time with your child's development phases and interests.

Give your child the freedom to learn through play.

Geben Sie Ihrem Kind die Freiheit, spielerisch zu lernen.

Kind hält Ohrlaf in den Händen und lernt interaktiv und auditiv



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